Thursday, April 26, 2012


I've been storing my 500pcs of muslin bags for ages now... and this year around it has finally been leaving me bit by bit.

My first successful buyer makes handmade accessories and cards. Looking at her paper crafts brings me back to me high school times when I use to be quite 'active' in handycraft stuffs. :)
I remember making my own recycle papers.... making my own notebook with nice little detailed hard cover to go with it... ahh... those were the days...

I looked thru her site and saw something that I like. A nice looking necklace to add on to my collection. The price was reasonable, so I made the purchase.
Joey was nice enough to throw in a discount price and a little cute pin.
so niceeeeeee :D

The necklace came with the muslin bag. Love it.


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