Friday, April 27, 2012

life with soapnuts

Months ago, I've tried making my own shampoo.. well, not really my own.. but a DIY shampoo.
I ordered my self a bottle of castile liquid, brewed some rosemary and wah lah...
my own diy shampoo...

After using it alternative days for 2 weeks. I didn't feel that the texture of my hair has change instead it became drier. So to counter that with rinsing it off with 1 part vinegar and 2 part brew rosemary...
I was hoping that it would help with me scalp condition, but it didn't. So i gave up after 2 weeks of trial.

Then came my discovery of soapnuts.
I realize I have not pen down my experience with soapnuts ever since I started using it.
I LOVE it.!!
I've used it for laundry wash and the cloths came out soft and clean and did i mention soft...? I mean ... really soft comparing with washing our cloths with the normal detergent. Yes, normal detergent does give the nice fragrance but after drying it under the sun, the cloths are all stiff and hard. You know what I mean?

I don't like to use softener cos I feel like, I'm adding too many chemical just to wash my cloths and it does more harm then good. On top of that, the cloths would not last long as well.
What I do is, I would add some of my fruit enzyme and sodium bicarbonate. The enzyme is for extra cleaning and the sodium bicarbonate is for stains. I can do away with the softener.

I've even tried cleaning my old jewelry and coin collections. I reuse the soapnuts from my laundry wash, soaked it for about 2 days and everything was bright and shinny. It looks like brand new.., clean! Well if you ignore the scratches and all.

Since my diy castile shampoo did not do so well with my scalp problem... I'm trying soapnuts this time around.

Will see what happen....


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