Monday, May 30, 2005

my stomach

My dad turned 54 yesterday. He didn’t want to go out and eat for his birthday, instead we have a steamboat session. Due to my dad’s golf game and it’s his birthday, my parents decided to have the steamboat on Saturday instead so he can play his game in peace and not had to rush back home to have the dinner.

Went and bought presents for him, and some for myself too! The Speedy shop was just too irresistible. Though of getting some DVDs because Wong mentioned that they are having this promotion thingy. CHEAP DVDs!
But instead of getting DVDs, I got FRIENDS, season 8. It’s cheap! 2 for 12.90RM
Was contemplating to get the whole freaking FRIENDS since it’s so cheap. But I had my credit card bills to remind me that I’m still in debt. I can’t stop thinking of getting the rest of the season of FRIENDS now.. hellpp…..
I’ve got the RAM thingy to upgrade and the power sleeves to buy for my baby IBook.

I need more MARNEE!!!.... But then again who doesn’t!

So I stopped myself with just the season 8 of FRIENDS and head back home to help my dear mother to prepare the food for the night. It didn’t stop till 10 plus. My stomach was crying for help after the crabs, prawns, fish…… due to the afternoon lunch that I had. The famous Chili Pan Mee at KL. How can I not eat the Pan Mee with the dark red, hot, spicy chili! Yum yum….

That was the reason that I had to go back and forth to the toilet yesterday. Oh what a Sunday....
Freaking Chili Pan Mee! My poor stomach was crying for help the whole yesterday. I was crying for help! My ass was crying for help!

And it’s still crying for help now. Maybe I should go get a MC … hmmmm…..

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