Tuesday, May 3, 2005


Got my car since last Wednesday, and ever since then I’ve been driving my self to work. It was a freaking good work out for my heart. I haven’t been driving a manual since I took my driving license. For the first time in my driving life, I was actually afraid to drive. Can you imagine that!. My car at least died once and not to mention being honked everyday while driving to work. Why do drivers like to tail other drivers back on the road!? Don’t they know that the other driver in front might not be so “expert” in driving yet! I finally bought the ‘P’ sticker just to let other drivers that I’m not an ‘expert’ driver yet! The ‘P’ sticker did give me the courage to driver better on the road. I guess it’s a physiology thingy. But what ever it is. It works! And I’m glad that it did.

The 3 days holiday was used to the max. I had my precious sleep, did some intensive work out. Semi spring clean my room and did some bonding with some ‘extra’ special people. But I didn’t manage to paint my room. Hhmmm…. Still thinking about it.

I want more holidays…..

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