Monday, May 16, 2005

friday night

Friday was a hectic night. Went to a friends surprise party at Thai Bar. She wasn’t surprised at all. Dance for freaking 2 hours plus till my legs gave up on me. It’s been a while since I was on high hills. Or probably I’m getting old. Decided to go down and get some fresh air and a decent place to sit. Less then 30 minutes people started coming out like flies. I thought that there was some fights, but it turned out to be a police raid. It last about 35 minutes. Apparently, there was a huge fight last week and they were there to identify the ‘gang’ who was involve in the fight. I waited for the whole fiesta to end before I could go back in to use the toilet and look for my friends. On top of that, the guy who sat next to me was having an argument with his friends. All I could understand was his vulgar words in Hakka or Manderin…. He was about to smash his bottle of Heineken against the table when his friend told him something while looking at me… DAMN . It was freaky. Tried to avoid eye contact but I couldn’t help by looking at what he was doing. Thank God nothing happen! If not I would have been the innocent victim at the scene. LOL

I swear i'll never step foot at Thai Bar. The place isn't my cup of tea.

I should have walked away as far as possible. But my legs were still killing me. The guy cooled off and sat back at his place and started scolding his friend. I think he was scolding his friend… hmm…

Reach back home and did some extreme exercise before going to bed. Don’t ask me what exercise but some heavy crazy exercise. (As if you’re going to ask me. I wonder is anyone reading this … hmm…..)

Went to bed just slightly before 5am.

Had to wake up 9.30am the next morning to do some banking. Couldn’t feel my legs. It went numb.
I only got back 80% of it this morning after ‘some’ rest.

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