Thursday, May 12, 2005

'P' sticker

It does make a different when I stick on the ‘P’ sticker onto the car. People doesn’t honk. They don’t stare at you that much. But you do get people who likes to bully the ‘P’ drivers ones a while. And I manage to drive all the way to work with out the car dying on me. Woo hoo…
Damn! I really do miss being chauffeured around like last time…. Sigh…

It only happened to me today when my leg was giving out on me. This is due to the previous day when we had to reshuffle the sitting position at the office. We had to reposition our sitting place because the new boss wants a closer sitting place for everyone.

New Boss, New Era, and New Style.

Spent the whole afternoon shifting and cleaning up the place. Now the place looks crammed. Everyone is placed in the middle not like before when everyone was at the side. It’s for the better, at least we can communicate with each other better and easier.

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