Wednesday, May 30, 2012

chicken mushroom soup

Out of the blues, I remembered one of my favorite soup during my childhood time. I can't remember when was the last time I drank this soup. I never really appreciate soup when I was younger and I was fussy with chinese soups. I guess as time pass by and as we grow older, our taste buds change.

So here goes another soup.
chinese chicken mushroom soup by melmok
photo by melmok

Chicken Mushroom Soup (Chinese Style)
- lots of chicken bones or 1/2 kg of chicken ( i stock up my chicken bones to boil soup cos it adds flavor with the pork bones)
- 6-8 shitaki mushrooms ( i replace it with chinese mushroom cos i didn't have shitaki mushroom in hand)
- 6 rice bowls of water
- a hand full of wolfberries
- a hand full of dried scallops
- salt to taste

I added my left over canned clams with it's juice. The soup turned out wonderful and it tasted as good as I remembered.

Then to spice up our taste buds, I made sambal four angled beans.
IMG_1628__ by melmok
photo by melmok


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