Tuesday, May 29, 2012

trying to grow bok choy

I went over board with the bok choy seeds and made the same mistake again. I sow too many of them in my little DIY starter pots (little recyclable newspaper pots)!

pok choy seedlings by melmok
photo by melmok

A week or so later, it germinated to a bunch which I had to kill all of these seedlings and save only one.... *hmmm...* 
I tried splitting it to a few but it was too stressful for me.

transplanting by melmok
photo by melmok

I thought I could lay back and wait for my seedlings to do it's thing. But then few days ago..
I notice something. Did my research and found that my little seedlings has leafminers. *blahhh...*

pok choy seedlings problem by melmok
photo by melmok

Temporarily I've sprayed garlic juice on my seedlings and now I'm waiting for my neem oil to arrive so that I kill these leafminers and it's larvae...

On top of that, I notice that 1-2 leaves in each seedlings is getting yellow... argghh...
I shall wait and see....


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