Wednesday, May 16, 2012

plug in timer switch + more chinese soup

plug in timer by melmok
photo by melmok

Ah.. I finally found this plug in timer at Ace hardware store for my weekly soup weeks ago.
I was having a hard time trying to figure how to set the timer and finally manage to get it work after a few test. All I had to do is rotate the dial to no 1 and just pull up the little plastic pieces from '1' onwards till '8'.

Ta dahh... 8 hrs of slow cooking and we have our soup...
2-3 soup weekly.....

old cucumber soup wih pork bone and dried scallops by melmok
photo by melmok

Old cucumber soup with pork bone with dried scallops.
Wanted to add in the dried oysters but I ran out of it... Then after taking the first sip of the soup, I realize I could have added in some red dates and wolfberries that I've just stock up during the weekend. *slap on forehead*


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