Tuesday, March 29, 2005


I felt it. The earthquake struck Indonesia again. 8.5 mag. Got back from dinner with Eve and Ian. Took my shower and head off to my dear bed. Was watching Queer Eye for The Straight when I felt my bed was moving/shaking. It freaked me out for a moment. Then I remembered my conversation with Ian early on… about horror movies … the eye, ju-on…
The scene from Exorcises came to my head, where the bed was shaking while the girl was screaming for my mother. I could feel that I was stoning for a second there. Told my self that I’m starting to hallucinate and I’m just tired and needed my sleep soon.

Didn’t find out about the earthquake till this morning when the radio DJ’s was talking about it. Guess I was just freaking my self out yesterday.

It’s sad. 300plus people died from the yesterday’s earthquake. Is it going to be the end of the world like they say?...

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